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When a person passes away in the state of Florida, their property and assets are required by law to be transferred over to new legal owners. Planning your estate with an experienced attorney provides significant benefits to you and your family.

Protecting Your Estate

Among other things, planning your estate will allow you to do the following:

  • Create legal documentation that states your medical choices
  • Pre-plan your funeral
  • Divide your property and assets while saving your family the stress of uncertainty

Estate planning laws are quite complex, and you may cause yourself and your family more harm than good without obtaining proper legal assistance.

The Benefits

Planning your estate promises that your property and financial assets will be distributed according to your wishes. Effective estate planning protects the interests of the deceased’s loved ones and provides that guardian care is available for children or relatives with specific or special needs.

Estate planning also reduces the burden of state, federal and estate taxes. If a valid will isn’t included within your estate plan, your assets will be taxed significantly and divided according to the state or your family members.

If you wish to learn more about estate planning, elder care expert Keith P. Vanover holds FREE monthly educational seminars that address common questions and concerns regarding planning your estate.

We can help you with the following aspects of estate planning:

It is never too early to begin planning your estate. Vanover Law Firm has a unique estate planning strategy that may allow you to become eligible for Medicaid and VA Long Term Care Benefits as long as you plan for this at least five years in advance. Don’t hesitate, contact us about planning your estate right away.

Call the Vanover Law Firm experts today at (850) 999-0006 to speak with a Fort Walton Beach attorney about planning your estate.

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