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The Vanover Law Firm, P.A. has created and trademarked our very popular Asset Protection Trust. Its called the Florida Asset Preservation Irrevocable Trust or FAPIT™ for short. Only the Vanover Law Firm, P.A. has the FAPIT™ trust. It is specifically designed to protect your assets from any lawsuits, nursing home claims, probate requirements or your children’s creditors or soon to be ex-spouses.

The FAPIT™ gives you the flexibility and control to make sure your wishes are being followed. You and your spouse can be the trustees of a FAPIT™ giving you exclusive control of the assets during your lives. After both spouses pass on then the FAPIT™ can distribute these protected assets in very flexible ways.

Discussing these considerations with an asset protection lawyer in Fort Walton Beach can help you discern what the right course of action is for you. For more information, be sure to contact Vanover Law Firm P.A. and ask to schedule an initial consultation with our Fort Walton Beach asset protection attorneys!

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Use Your Estate Plan as an Asset Protection Plan in Florida

You can use your estate plan as an asset protection vehicle for your whole family. Asset protection has become a very serious concern for most Americans. If you are trying to protect your assets for the benefit of your family or business, our attorneys at Vanover Law Firm P.A. can help you achieve your goals.

While other service providers may be inclined to make sweeping claims and overpromise what is actually possible, you can rely on us to be straightforward and honest. Our asset protection attorneys in Fort Walton Beach have 28 years of total experience when it comes to assisting clients in complicated legal and financial matters, including asset protection.

Rest assured that when you need help protecting your wealth, you can expect realistic support from the Fort Walton Beach asset protection lawyers at Vanover Law Firm P.A. that can meet your needs.

Which Assets Are Exempt from Creditors in Florida?

Not everything you own can be claimed by your creditors. In fact, Florida law provides seven classes under which assets can be protected.

These classes are as follows:

  • Your homestead, as long as it’s owned by a natural person and is one-half acre or smaller in a city or municipality, or up to 160 acres outside of a city or municipality.
  • The cash value and proceeds from both life insurance policies and annuities, including interest earned in certain plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).
  • Wages paid to the head of a household who’s not in control of their own salary.
  • Property owned between spouses as “tenants by the entirety,” where only claims against one spouse can be exempted

Leveraging these exemptions properly can provide stronger asset protection than other strategies that merely protect property, such as those that involve limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships.

Regardless, your strategy must be unique to your needs and how you hold your assets. Our asset protection lawyers in Fort Walton Beach have the experience and skill it takes to advise you of the options that can help you meet your goals.

Florida Asset Protection Services

Vanover Law Firm P.A. offers potential clients a risk-free initial consultation for a reason. We believe people deserve a confidential, no-risk, and no-pressure opportunity to learn more about legal services like ours.

We’re confident that after discussing your asset protection needs with our attorneys, you’ll choose us because you’ll see why so many clients value our personalized approach to overcoming their challenges.

To schedule your free initial consultation, reach out to us online today to speak with our Fort Walton Beach asset protection attorneys.

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