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As you grow older, many financial and legal considerations need to be addressed in order to preserve your estate from financial threats. The biggest threat to any family estate is long-term care costs associated with nursing home care. The cost of long-term nursing home care is prohibitively expensive. Most Americans are relying on the government to pay for these significant costs.

According to Genworth, 76% of Americans will need 26 months of long-term care after the age of 65. Less than 7% of Americans have long-term care insurance, though. What happens when one spouse needs care and the healthy spouse is still at home paying the same bills as before?

It’s human nature to put off initiating and implementing seemingly difficult and overwhelming legal arrangements. However, the planning you do today can save your loved ones the uncertainty of not knowing your wishes upon your passing. It will also save them the stress of dealing with difficult medical choices, probate court, and costly estate taxes.

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Your assets are at risk of spend down rules for receiving help from the government, which means you have to blow through your life savings before the government will help you. This is where pre-planning becomes so important. If you pre-plan and correctly structure your assets, then your assets become uncountable, meaning the government to will pay for your long-term care while you get to protect your assets.

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Our elder law attorneys are available to draft any pre-planning documents you require. We’ll make certain that your legal documents are all valid according to Florida law so your family won’t have to worry in the future. If you already have legal documents prepared but would like to have them reviewed for peace of mind, contact The Vanover Law Firm at (850) 999-0006 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.

To discuss how to pre-plan for long-term care and protect your assets, contact Vanover law Firm at (850) 999-0006 and talk with Fort Walton Beach elder law attorney Keith P. Vanover.

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